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APD a little late

Last week was Administrative Professional Day. Did you hug your AP? I am an Admin Prof, because technically I am the secretary of the Library\Media Center.
Now my boss was gone (out on knee surgery) so nada from the big guy. Although last year he gave me a lovely azalea plant. I just found that plant in its pot, dead, in the back yard. Guess I forgot to plant it. I did however receive a cupcake and a certificate from my co-workers. That was special. My cousin Kelly is also an AP and she probably does a way better job than I do. She is the real hero here. Why am I saying all this? In honor of a belated Administrative Professional Day, here are some cakes for all you APs out there! Whoot Whoot!

(photos courtesy of the funniest website evah! )

At the Cabin....

This past weekend I was invited to my co-workers cabin. This was the "cabin"...

It was once an old funeral parlor... now its just a regular old "cabin" in the woods. We explored the basement and there was a dark dungeon room... I wonder if they put the bodies in there? I felt like David on Six Feet Under. Then we went out to the graveyard to explore that too... creepy. We even went back late at night, in the dark, with NO flashlights! Spooooky. There was about 8 of us up there, including the guys... but they were too busy playing cards, so the fabulous foursome just ran around taking pics and being total spazoids. We bring the fun.
I'm going to miss my pals come summer when we are on our summer breaks... The up and downside of working at a school.

Just Bored....

1. What is your current obsession? Design and Crafty blogs. I love all the ideas, and then I love stealing all the ideas and making stuff of my own.
I'm also obsessed with watching the trees bud... everyday i go outside and inspect all my shrubs, trees and perennials to see how much more they have sprouted!

2. What’s a good coffee place? I do not drink coffee, I'm more of a chai tea latte girl... I don't go to coffee places much. But there was this coffee\bakery shop by my old apartment in Minneapolis, It was called Butter and i would walk there all the time and just sit outside with a cookie and an iced something.

3. Who was the last person that you hugged? My cat, Noir.

4. Do you nap a lot? Nope not a napper in the USA, but take me out of the country and I nap everyday and have lovely siestas. Are we the only country in the world that don't take siestas?
It's a metric conspiracy I think.

5. Tonight, what’s for dinner? Mexican goodness at El Toro with Shannon.

6. What wa…


Sorry... Too much going on and I am not a fan of bread pudding. I've been slacking a bit lately but in my defense, it is finally SPRING in MN and who wants to be inside?

And I have been on a bit of a detox the last few weeks... 4 more days to go.
I basically have cut out sugar, wheat, red meat, pork and dairy. This is TEMPORARY. Hello I do love pizza and ice cream and HAMBURGERS! But I've been feeling a little sluggish lately so my
Naturopathic Dr. mother and her healthy guru friend prescribed me a little detox 101.
Although I have cheated, just here and there. But overall I've done not too bad.
Ive also started exercising and drinking lots more water. I even lost 6lbs to boot. Can't complain there!
I feel great! Although i would kill for some chocolate and bread. Hmmmmm Maybe I should've made the Bread pudding after all?


If a blog is typed in the forest, will anyone read it?

I hardly ever do random thought blogs anymore. I used to write about anything and everything that was going on in my life. Now, I just blog about home improvements and food.
Which is fine because I do love crafts and baking and merriment.
I never did do that Facebook 25 random things about me... so maybe I will do that now?
A little bit about me, cause you wanted to know. right?

I have dark hair and hazel eyes and almost webbed toes. almost!

I am a Libertarian.

And a Librarian.

I am a pacifist, which can mean a lot of different things to different people. But let's just say I wont punch you.

I have strong beliefs\faith in God, but I'm always on a quest for what that means to me.

I am very shy, but am learning to get over it.

I will always be a hermit though.

When I am home alone I sing and dance around. A lot.

I wrote a book once, gave it to a boy, and now I want it back!

I love my friends and family so much, but I never feel like I sho…

Blueberry Lemon Torte Cake

This year for Easter I was asked to bring a dessert. Naturally, I decided to go with something that was simple, fresh and springy. Enter Blueberry Lemon Torte Cake. I found this recipe in the Pampered Chef recipe book. It basically consists of pound cake, cream cheese, cool whip, lemons\lemon gelatin and blueberries. I even bought the pound cake instead of making one.

My cousin Kelly hosted a perfect Easter meal and it was great to be with my family. After the festivities K & K and I re-started where we left off on our Godfather marathon. Neither Kelly or I had seen the Godfather... and surprisingly, I liked it. Happy Monday!
Yours Truly, The Don.

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter Friends!

B & A

I found this AWFUL looking chair at the Goodwill for $5.
I thought, Hey, I could do something with that chair. So I spray painted it white and then i put the zebra print on the seat. I'm not sure if I like the zebra print. Maybe i should go for a bright fuchsia pattern? Either way, I think this chair looks 557% better.



TWD~Banana Creme Pie

I must admit that i actually didn't make this last night. But I have made it several times before. And it is always a hit!!! It has a very distinctive taste, unlike other banana creme pies. I think it's the cinnamon and nutmeg that give it a special ooomph! I blogged about this pie a few summers ago. Actually it was the day the I-35W Bridge collapsed here in Minneapolis. The pie is still delicious, but this pie also reminds me of a sad day. So if you want to read about that, you can read it here.

Truthfully, I couldn't make pie last night because it was the MN Twin's Home Opener! Woot Woot! Tonight I am going to the game and I PUMPED! Go Twins!
I am also PUMPED because I just found out I won a give-away!!! One of my favorite blogger gals, Heidi Ashworth hooked me up with a book she wrote! I've been wanting to read this for awhile and now I won it!!! Thanks Heidi! The book is called Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind and you can find it at Amazon. Go check it out!


I am fully in craftation mode. I have no idea what that means, but I'm going to start using it.
There is a local flea market\craft\bake sale coming up and I really want to have a little booth. I can swing the baked goods but could i make some cool crafts? Well I can try. $15 gets you a booth. So heck, why not try? Anyway I am really into modge podge decoupage thank you ma'am crafting. This one is going to be a paper weight. I think. Or I might also make a shadow box and add a nest and some eggs and trinkets. The possibilities, are endless.
Check out The Inspired Room for more Beautiful Life Friday ideas.

I'm also training my cat Noir to be a super model kitty... So far he has got down, shy and demure. I'm growing to like this chat cat everyday.

I'm kinda getting really excited!

When you work in the library of a public school, during the summer it turns into a ghost town. No teachers, No students, No administrators... Just a handful of custodians and office secretaries.
My summer consists of working the months of June & August, and having the month of July off. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the students and the teachers are great. They all keep me on my toes. But it is also a nice reprieve to have quiet and order in a library for a change. You wouldn't think that a library\media center would be loud and chaotic... but IT IS! I am antsy just thinking about what my days\weeks will consist of come June 4th....
1. Loud(er) music from (no hushed tunes so kids wont get distracted, as if!)
2. LCD projector + big screen = movie days! (cause you can still work and watch movies at the same time!)
2.5 *Added movie bonus*... If I'm watching documentaries (which i love) no one can accuse me of wasting time. They are educational. der!
3. Breakfast on…