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Are you going on vacation anytime soon?

You know how it is the cool thing to shorten words right now:
That's Gorgeous.... That's Gorg
Whatever... Whatevs
Vacation... Vaca

Vaca means beef in Spanish... So now when people go on vacation I'm just going to say,
"Have a nice Beef!"

If you want a sneak preview to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games, my friend Bonnie who lives in the future told me all about it. The Swiss will be sporting Leiderhosen is the word on the street at the Bird's Nest.
Yep, still buzzin' on caffeine.


Just to warn you I just drank an Iced Latte, NOT DECAF. "IS THIS DECAF?" (kelly, name that person!) Anyway, I do not handle caffeine very well, so i stay away from anything caffeinated including: coffee, soda, dark chocolate, and men from Columbia.
Caffeine makes my left eye twitch. It's so annoying and i suppose if you didn't know me or didn't feel comfortable telling me, you might be drawn to my eye doing some weird spasm dance and totally not being able to focus on all the interesting stories i would be telling you.
So why am I drinking a NON DECAF Iced Latte this morning you ask? Well, It's Friday, I just got paid and I wanted to treat myself. And on top of it, I discovered this quaint little bistro style coffee shop right in my neighborhood. That is the great thing about moving to a new community, you get to find little gems right in your backyard. So if you are ever in the Robbinsdale area I would highly recommend you check out this place, it's called…