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I am LOST.

Anyone else as excited for LOST to start next week as I am? It is going to be so Bittersweet knowing that each episode is just one episode closer to the series finale. What will I do then? I read that This is how the ending of LOST was going to happen: Dramatically and Ambiguously. Don't you think? There are still so many questions left unanswered. Is there enough time to answer them all? All I know is that J.J. Abrams better be plotting the next great show. I hearted Felicity with my life, and then LOST. (I never got into Alias). Wouldn't it be funny if LOST ended with The Island being inside of Megan's Mystery Box? If you know what reference means you are my new BFF! I think I am going to write J.J. and ask him to make an alternative ending. So next Tuesday I will be bouncing off the walls, losing my mind, going bananas over the best show on TV! I hope you will be joining me!!!