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Blog Already!

That was a message from my cousin Kelly today, "Blog Already". Where to begin? I have had one mama-jama long week! I knew I would going into it, but now that I have a moment to stop and catch my breath, it really was a long busy week.
Highlights included: Dinner at Jeanelle's on Tuesday. The best tasting ham ever! Thanks Jeanelle! Wednesday night gossip girl turkey session with Kelly. I knew Chuck was going to give Blair the necklace! Thursday, dinner and fellowship with the ladies at Bonnie's place. Meeting Amanda and I like her already cause she had cupcakes for us! The way to my heart is through cupcakes! mmmm...
Friday, well Friday was a super go go go day. After work I rushed to Lakewinds Food Co-op to place an order on a big fat fresh organic turkey. Kelly and I were content with cooking a 9 pounder, but my mom insisted on at least 18! But she's paying for it, so I doth not protest. So I literally ran into Lakewinds, to the front counter and I stammered sligh…