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I'm kind of a nerd, because when i am stressed or anxious, I find that baking\cooking is really relaxing. I had these lovely mixed berries in my fridge just waiting to be made into something delightful. So I made a pie. If you have seen the movie "Waitress" with Kerri Russell, she makes pies and gives them really funny names. I am callingthis pie:
"Mixed Feelings About Going Back to Work, Mixed Berry Pie"

Back to work=puke!

This is my last day of freedom. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Someone please say a prayer for me! Help! Well my July was great! Fun, friends, food, fires! Loved it all! Not so happy about going back to work. I think I am destined to make food for a living, I can't escape this intense desire to work in a kitchen. Maybe? Maybe!