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We got an early Christmas present this year, with the arrival of a certain little baby who came 6 weeks early!

Deacon Elliott Singer-Towns Born: December 17, at 8:29am 5lbs 10oz 18in

On December 7th my water broke! Being only 32 weeks at the time, it was very scary. Once we were at the hospital I was put on immediate hospital bed rest. They said that most likely I would go into labor within 72 hours. But if I didn't, they wanted me to try and hold out until I was 34 weeks. So for 10 days I rested and waited and prayed that little baby would hold tight. The doctors and nurses were always so surprised when at the end of the day there were still no signs of labor! As soon as I hit 34 weeks they had me set up to have a c-section since baby was transverse (sideways). Although right before they started the surgery they did an ultrasound and he had dropped head down! But at that point we just all agreed it was best to proceed with surgery.  Very quickly Deacon was born and he was a Rock …