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Family Fun

Today I went out to my parent's place to visit and to also see my Grandpa Joe, and my Aunt Sandy. Grandpa Joe was down from Breezy Point in his new deluxe mini-van. And Sandy was in town for a short visit before heading back to Illinois, where she does her radiation treatments for her cancer. I honestly have to say that she is one person who didn't let cancer beat her. She actually enjoys going to her treatments and not only that she is now teaching art classes at the treatment center! She is a real hero in my book. Sandy and my Grandpa are very talented artists. Sandy paints and draws and so does my Grandpa. He actually has a few murals around MN and also in Arizona! And to top that off my Grandpa is a musician who still plays in the band! He plays drums, trombone & trumpet and probably won't stop until he physically can't play anymore! Oh and did I mention he is 87!

So family day consisted of going to see Sandy & Mike's new house and then lunch at Applebee…