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Purple Fish

Yesterday on my most favorite day of rest, I went about cleaning and watching the Food Network for tips, turkey tips really, but I will get to that later. I rested yesterday, Sundays are good for that. My kitchen got a thorough scrubbing down, and after all that I thought, I should cook in my sparkly clean kitchen. I had Talapia that needed to be eaten and a pretty little summer squash that i needed to cook up. And in the door of my fridge, wedged between tomato paste and horseradish was a sad looking half of an onion that was just begging to be eaten. It's as if it was saying, "Pick Me, Pick Me!"... So in the saute pan went the onions in some olive oil and then some garlic, because when don't i cook with garlic! Then went the sunshine yellow summer squash. I sauteed them with the onions and garlic, salt & pepper & parsley & my can't live without red pepper flakes. I removed the squash when they were done. And to get the little bits off the bottom, i …