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December 20, 2007

Christmas Carols

Me? Excited?

I'm so excited I could burst! Way to go Goose!!! Now you are going to have a Gosling. Hopefully as cute if not cuter than a female version of Ryan Gosling!

Hyper-Spaz Links?

This is an experiment: If you click on thisdoes it take you to the website anthropologie?If it does please respond with a cry of MEOW!
Ok... so now i am going to blog for real. All my postings as of late have been about all the goings ons in my life. Today I as just at work, last night i was just at home chillin', it was nice!
I felt sleepy all day. And on my lunch break I went to caribou coffee and got some minty mocha thing. I am buggin' now... meaning I can't have caffeine cause it makes me looney tunes. Usually I ask for half-caf. I forgot today. My cousin and I have this joke about my mom and coffee. Anytime we talk about having coffee, we say, "Is it decaf?" because my mom always asks that at family get-togethers. Now if one person can't have caffeine its my mom! she gets looney to the max. Just ask my brother about the time we were watching Misery and my mom had a spaz attack. It was funny. I'm writing this, not because I am making fun of my mom, but…