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In My Backyard?

****I posted this about 2 years ago and I thought it would be fun to post it again. Especially in light of the death of Michael Jackson.****

If you could have any three bands\performers, alive or dead, over to play in your backyard who would you choose?
Who would i choose? I love such a variety of music from my past to my present. My choices? This is not going to be easy... But these are my 3 picks:

The Grateful Dead w\ Jerry Garcia, For Beaner and Tweaker and the hippy days!!! Steal your face forever!!!! The Dead can jam on and on and they have the best sing along songs.
Johnny Cash, cause who wouldn't want to dance to a rousing version of Ring of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues? I would die to hear A Boy Named Sue live!!!
Micheal Jackson (post Jackson 5, pre-nose job)... couldn't you just see him with the glove bringing down the house with Thriller, Beat It and Billy Jean! Throw in the Moon Walk and girls (and guys) are gonna swoon! Totally Sick! Runner up: GN'R origina…