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It's been ages since my last post. We've been to Hawaii and back, moved into a new house and had a bathroom remodeled. So needless to say it's been a bit crazy. The baby has been kicking up a storm, big kicks every so often. We bypassed the butterfly flutters and went right to karate kicks.
I would blog more about Hawaii, but I have no pictures to post... yet! i need to find all the cords and download those babies. But yes, we had the most wonderfully relaxing time. The Big Island was beautiful, sunny and warm. It is hard to come back to freezing cold and snow ALL THE TIME!
I am getting adjusted to living in a new house. We only brought our clothes, tv and had a new bed delivered. We were in desperate need of a new bed... and i love it! Slowly i am going to make this house into a home and I'm super excited to get started on the baby's room! This weekend will be a lovely 3 day weekend! We plan on making cinnamon rolls and lazing about, Saturday night we have dinner …