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You would come to our party and not theirs. Right?

Last night I went to St. Petersburg for Borsch and White Russians with Janine. We have decided to become the friendly fairies at our school this year. Magically leaving gifts and happy notes in a teacher's box that especially needs it that week. We are the new hospitality committee.
You know that episode of The Office where Angela has her Christmas party and Pam and Karen have theirs to show that they are cooler... that is basically our goal. We want people to like us better than the hospitality committee. We make our own rules!
Tonight i am having an oyster feeding frenzy at Stella's with K & K. Oh crap, now all my stalkers will know where i am tonight. I guess I will take that risk.
And of course the best news of all today, is that my stranger friend Jodi (OK i stole that whole stranger\friend thing from matt,liz& madeline) Anyway, Jodi and her family were chosen by some birth parents to adopt their baby. A little girl! Jodi and Hubby have been waiting over 8 months fo…