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The Bed.

Today I am spending the day giving my place a much needed cleaning. Dust bunnies have taken over and they are multiplying, and i thought only live bunnies had littlens' like mad rabbits. My cleaning techniques are funny. I don't set to a task, go hard or go home until it is done. I am more of a leisurely cleaner. I am like that with a lot of things in my life, namely because I am not the most ambitious person in the world, and I like to take my time. So cleaning starts at 0ne end of my home, sweeping here, organizing there, and then I sit and watch some food network television. Then I get up and move to another room, do as much cleaning as i feel like, then I head back to the couch and watch a movie. That is cleaning day for me. I do eventually get the whole place clean, but it may take all day, where as another person it might take an hour. But that is me, take me as I am. As I was straitening my bedroom and making my bed, I thought about something Kelly was saying the other …