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TWD~Buttery Jam Cookies (not!) AND A GIVE AWAY!!!

(those don't look like buttery jam cookies to me!)
Oooooops!!!! Have you ever got something so stuck in your head that no matter how many times you see the real thing, the thought that got stuck in your head wins!? This week for TWD I was supposed to make Buttery Jam Cookies. But instead i had it in my head for weeks that i needed to make Thumbprint cookies! I even sat at work reading the TWD website where it says BUTTERY JAM COOKIES and i still thought I was supposed to make Thumbprints. Der!
And on top of that, I thought I would be all inventive and make chocolate thumbprints with vanilla filling and Andes mints crumbled on top. I set to work, tweaking Dorie's recipe, omitting nuts and upping the flour and adding cocoa powder. Whoo whee, yum-a-riffic!
And while i took a break and headed over to the TWD website to just browse, there it was staring me in the face BUTTERY JAM COOKIES. For real? How did I mess that up? But then I thought, NO problemo, i can still make the buttery j…