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Snow Bunnies

Somehow between Friday and Last night, I was invited to a random party and somehow i agreed to go. Not that i am against a good ol' party, but this party was at a girl's house that i only somewhat knew from high school. Cindy assured me that it would be fun and that i should go. But as yesterday wore on, Cindy would call me with more details about the party, "Oh did I tell you that you are supposed to bring a white elephant gift?" Ahhh No. And then a few hours later, "Did I tell you that it was going to be a sledding party?" AHHH what? and No?
Nevertheless, I still thought it would be more fun than cleaning, and cleaning all day can get pretty old. So I met up with Cindy, Mike, Shannon, Jaime and John for dinner. We laughed, we laughed more, we had merriment and then we went to the party. The party was a kitchen party, because for some reason the festivities were centralized to the kitchen, must be a Carver County thing. I didn't really recognize anyone …