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September Already?

I can hardly believe that it is September! Looking back, I can remember blogging about it being the beginning of July! The months fly by, the summer is on its way out! I find this month to always be a bittersweet month... You have the summer coming to a close but you also have the lovely fall weather and colors. However, of all the seasons, autumn always get the shaft! Because here in Minnesota, winter is so eager to get started, that you can find yourself with snow in October! And since winter is my least favorite season, it is one more reason to get bitter about early snow! Give fall a chance winter! Wait your turn! Anyway, I am hoping for a good month! I have to admit that i am disappointed with not being able to get back to the motherland (New England) in Sept. But the reality of break-ups is that it is not just with the person. Not only do you go through the letting go of someone you care about... you have to say goodbye to their family and family events too. Es vet zich alles oys…