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World Record Worthy

You know what happens when you don't religiously blog? You get a build-up of blog worthy events. So you will all have to endure about 5 days worth of events. It would be funny to blog like that guy from the 80's who talked really fast... PAUSE (Google search)...RESUME. John Moschitta, that is man who talked really really fast. So I'm going to do a re-cap, Moschitta style:

Took some flower pictures
Thursday went to Canterbury Park with Jaime, Cindy & Shannon.

There was a cow in the mini-van I won on a horse i picked. yay.
Decorated my patio.

Shannon came over for 4th of July.
For fireworks
and ginormous plant hugging.
Sunday Celebrated my Grandma's 80th Birthday with a Wuollete's Princess Torte.
And Worked around the house