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Saying Goodbye

Last night after work I stopped into one of my favorite restaurants, Krua Thai. The running joke with that place is "Are they going to be open?" They have been known to just shut down and just for "today". Nevertheless, I picked up some spicy pad Thai, and while i waited they brought me fresh lemonade, gratis! I love that place. And as I was driving down university, looking at all my favorite hangout joints... I realized just how much i was going to miss living in the Frog-Town, Midway area. Along University Ave are some really amazing places to eat, get together with friends and have laughs over great food. No more quick and convenient, Saigon Restaurant, Krua Thai, Mai Village, Little Schezhwan, Hoa Bien, Cafe Bon-xai, West Indies Soul cafe... I'm heading to the burbs where i can imagine great hole in the wall places don't really exist.
Not that I can't come back, but it won't literally be right in my backyard any longer. I also of course, will mi…