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TWD~Lemon Cup Custard

I have missed the last two Tuesday With Dorie recipes. Although tonight, along with the lemon custard, I FINALLY made the Caramel Crunch Bars! YUM! So not to miss 3 weeks in a row of TWD, I went ahead and made the Lemon Custard. Now I really love lemon flavored anything so that was a bonus of making this recipe. But there were some detractors too... I'm not a big custard fan, mainly because I don't drink dairy products. So i cut the recipe in half and made just enough to taste it and not feel bad about not eating it all. I was very surprised at how lemony the milk got after letting it steep for awhile. What i didn't like was trying to whisk the eggs and strain the milk at the same time. And trying not to scald myself with hot milk. I am not that talented so let's just say I made a big ol' mess. I baked my custard in some pretty coffee mugs, waiting until they were just jiggly in the middle (like my thighs) and set it out to cool.
From what i tasted it had a nice lemon…