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The days are speeding by! I can't believe its already JUNE! Things have been so busy, but all of it has been wonderful!

Last Tuesday I met with my musicians for the wedding. It works out great because they are my friends so we just had a nice happy hour over Chicken Artichoke Quesadillas! I am fortunate to work at a job with orchestra teachers and choir directors. I get a viola player and a singer for my wedding!
On Wednesday, Tim, my mom and I went over to our venue site. It's on a farm that is located on a park district. The three of us were giddy with anticipation for the big wedding day. I was envisioning where i would put all the decorations and what the big day would look like! I can't wait!
Thursday we went to Nye's Polonaise Bar for dinner and photo booth photo sessions with my cousins and family. My big bellied cousin Erin and her boyfriend Carsten met up with us to say goodbye, as she was heading to Germany the next day. And just months away from having her baby…