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Hello UPDATE Already!!!

Whooo Wheeee! The month of July has just flown by! This being my month off of work, the days zip by and I want them back. My life has been consumed by wedding planning. August 8, is just one short week away! I need this week to slooooow dowwwwn!

Everything is pretty much done. My floor is littered with paper flower pom poms, candy boxes and programs. This is a real life DIY wedding! It has been a really BIG labor of love, but I've had some wonderful people helping me. I can't wait to see it all come together next Sunday!

Next week is all looking up, except the fact that I have to go back to work! PUKE! But i knew this was coming, and I only am working half of the week... but still! I would much rather be at home.

I am really looking forward to next Friday. Not only is it my Bachelorette party, but all my favorite peeps are coming into town. Including 2 of my Bridesmaids. I'm so excited to FINALLY have everyone here!
Saturday night is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Wh…