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Snakes and Fire, Oh My!

Well I did it! They say that everyday you should do something you're afraid of, or do something you fear. Whatever the saying is, not only did I do one monumental thing i am afraid of, but two!!!
I didn't plan for either of these things to happen. I didn't wake up this week thinking, "Hey God, please let me tackle my 2 biggest fears." But when you least expect it, life hands you the opportunity to face what you're afraid of, and you can either run away or face it head on. So when i needed to use my stove top, I found that both pilot lights were out. I knew that one was out, pretty much since I've lived here. But i was very content working with 2 burners, even if it was a hassle and i really need 3 to cook on. Nonetheless, I needed to use a burner and to my shock the last pilot light was out. Now I have never lit a pilot light. What I really fear is being started on fire, and pilot lights have the makings of a big explosion. I stood there in my kitchen for…