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That is the sound of me crying like a baby! This is why and I will tell it to backwards to lead up to the reason I am so upset.

My cousin Dan (second cousin) got married last weekend. He is a professional hockey player. So he gets to marry pretty girls who have sisters like Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy dates people like Jim Carrey. Now i had every intention of going to this wedding, but my mom and I just kept putting it off and then it was too late to go. I was fine with it really. Yes, I missed a trip to Colorado, the chance to dance with cute hockey players from both the St. Louis Blues and the Avalanche, and to play paparazzi for the night. Even Ryan and Trista from the Bachelorette made an appearance. I realized what I might miss, I even realized that the one and only Jim Carrey might be present. Giving me the chance to meet him and do impersonations for him and make him laugh and have him say, Really Sabrina, have you thought about acting? But instead i chose to relish in the la…