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still true*

*(this is a re-post from something i wrote in july 2007)
I have a lot on my mind tonight. My purpose in doing this blog was primarily to write about my silly little life. Though not meaningless, my life is important in this world, although I am not famous nor have i done any acts of greatness or saved any one's life. I am just me, plain and simple, silly and all... So I've just been thinking about life in general. People, places, things... to everything there is a beginning and an end. And to everything there is a season. Good things happen in life, great things happen in life, but so do bad things and difficult things. There are immense joys and deep sorrows. People live, people even die, even though no one likes to think about that, let alone really talk about death, it still happens. So what is my purpose here? Is my life just one more life in the multitudes that have gone on before me, or will proceed me? I guess the question to ask myself is: Does my life matter? I really …

Dear Destiny...

i am so over resolutions. i am so for new beginnings. there are surprises around every corner. "amazing things are going to happen this year." ~k.v. i believe. So God, So Life, So Destiny... I Am Ready Now.

Be Better, Not Bitter!

Be Better, Not Bitter!, is a mantra I have used and continue to use in my life. I was reminded of this during an almost all day adventure of putting together a kitchen cart. I so badly wanted to give up and "finish it tomorrow" (cue whiny voice), but someone reminded me to Be Better, Not Bitter!
It worked! And we finished! Triumphantly!

Okay, you can now oooh and ahhh over my new Kitchen Cart!! Viola! More Counter Space!

A Year in Review...

Merry & Bright

I have been so very busy and I have completely neglected my blog...
So in the mean time, until I come back after Christmas, here is a my Merry & Bright Playlist for you to enjoy.
Merry Christmas!!

Super Bowl 2035

I am making a little prediction about Super Bowl 2035:

Brady vs. Brady! Tom Brady has now officially fathered another boy which can only mean that someday both Brady boys will go up against each other in a future Superbowl. John Edward Thomas Brady Vs. Baby B√ľndchen Brady Also, who is going to call the winner of the biggest girl fight in history? Momma Bridgett vs. Momma Giselle


I don't know what Magic was floating around this weekend, but my camera was taking really nice pictures, so I'm just going to bore you with random pictures of my Christmas Decorations.
I did however see 2 movies this weekend. Neither of them would I recommend.
The Road was depressing, dark and disturbing. Well made, but not something I would tell anyone to see.
Men Who Stare at Goats was awful. There was no point and it wasn't very funny.
I watched Elf last night just to put me back in the Christmas spirit. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear." Amen, Buddy the Elf!

And I present you with more Christmas Spirit:

(i swapped out my regular papers and put holiday papers in the frames)

(um yeah, these are actual Shabby Chic stockings. puke)

(The best decoration of all!)

Sabro's Christmas House

I really am not happy with my new camera. My last camera was a little gem. It took nice pictures that I was happy to post. But first i dropped it at my friend's cabin and then I dropped it in the sand at Lake Michigan. Sand and lenses to do not mix.
Anyway, I took lots of lovely pictures of my barfy Christmas decor. But I don't think the pictures will do it justice. So sorry. I wish I still used my SLR Daddy Mack Mega Camera with REAL film! (hence, i am cheap and don't want to pay for processing)...

(this is my window box. the blue star is in honor of police officers, the white pine cones are a hybrid from a new pine tree, they light up too! amazing)

(this is my holiday "woodsy" chic display. my favorite part is the orange extension cord.)

(this is my little village, somewhere in there you will find an idiot)

(yes, i have a pink Christmas tree. yes, that is a real shabby chic angel on the top. grody to the maxx!)

(here are some ways to Keep Calm & Carry On)

(my tabl…