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Bring on the Snow!

Today my little monkey pal and I went to Trader Joe's to gear up for Blizzard Storm 2012. (I doubt it will be anything special)  We stocked up on our favorite things and my mom was there and she paid for our cart! She even got me tulips. I heart my mom!  I pretty much do all my shopping at TJ's now. I mean it's reasonably priced, yummy food and lots of organic options! (and no, Trader Joe's is not paying me to write this) We love their Turkey Meatballs & TJ's Marinara, Veggies Samosas, Goat Yogurt and Gorgonzola Crackers. And their Strawberry Yogurt O's cereal is killer! I could eat a bowl for every meal!  There is a whole website dedicated to Trader Joe's. The blog is called What's Good at Trader Joe's.   Lots of great reviews! 
What do you like at Trader Joe's? Any favorites? 
Speaking of favorites, who was your favorite last night at the Academy Awards. I thought Michelle Williams looked so gorgeous! Love that dress! 

I thought it was aw…