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Yay Bloggers!

Last night my awesome party thrower cousin Kelly had her 4th Annual Gift Wrapping Party. It was a cozy group of really wonderful people. With lots of yummy treats and a plethora of wrapping materials. I brought a bunch of gifts to wrap but only wrapped two. Fact: I am the worlds worst gift wrapper. That is number 2 on my list of things i really stink at. #1 is math. Good thing I married a math teacher, and he is a really good gift wrapper to boot. SCORE.
Some of the people that were there I don't see very often, but I read all their blogs.
Conversation flows so freely because even though you haven't seen the person, you read about their lives. So you can ask them how their adoption is going, or their pregnancy or their job change.
They know things that are going on in your life too... it just makes it easy & fun.
In an age where technology, cell phones, email keep things impersonal, blogging really does bring people closer. Well I think so anyway.
Well blogger friends, keep …