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Swimming Pools and Movie Stars

My dream home is not your typical dream home. I'm not one for big McMansions. I like little charming cottages with lots of character. I don't need a lot, just a comfy little space to make all my own. But there is one thing I've always wanted in with a house... A SWIMMING POOL!

The typical response I get to my pool desire are these:
You think you would want one but you would never use it They are hard to maintain They are expensive
I get all those things... But something in my heart just leaps for joy whenever I see a swimming pool. It never fails. They take my breath away. I realize the cons of a pool, but my pros are so extensive. I love the water, even just to look at it. I love being in water, even just to float. This is meditation and relaxation for me. Someday I would like a pool. Someday.
And Now i have one more thing I would like in my dream home:
Built-In Beds!

They just so look so cozy and inviting! I could imagine myself curled up, reading a book and then falling fast as…