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Yay Me!

On November 1st I went to the DMV to get new tabs for my licence plates. I took a number, waited in line and finally my number was called. I proceeded to purchase my tabs and once I collected my tabs I was on my merry way. I walked gingerly out to the parking lot, tabs in hand and walked towards my car. First I put the front tabs on, then I went around and put the back tabs on. From there I got my keys out and went to unlock my car door. I put the key in the lock and then much to my horror, I realized... THIS IS NOT MY CAR!!!!
In a moment of panic I went to the front plate and unsuccessfully tried pealing off the first tab. When that didn't work I went to the back and tried pealing off the other tab, no luck!!! I was mortified!!!! I had to go back in and get new tabs. They all laughed at me. They asked me, did it even look like your car? Um... sadly, not really.