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No shopping for a year?

After sitting down and looking at what i spent last year... i found that i spend so frivolously at times. And yet, I don't think anything of it, because it is just a lipgloss here, or a funky pair of socks there. What is $3 in the grand scheme of things? Actually it adds up to a lot! I try not to think that I buy into the whole consumerism thing, but I really do in little ways. Yes, I am good at shopping the clearance sections of Target, and I try to never spend full price on clothes and misc... it really is those darn little things that i purchase in a moment of weakness. So I was thinking about stopping and maybe taking a break from it. Ok, so stop freaking out, you will all get your stinkin' birthday presents! But I mean shopping for myself. However, shopping for others, making homemade items, freebies and bargains are all on the OK list.
Funny thing, on the front page of the Star Tribune there was an article all about No Shopping for a year, or really, not buying anything n…