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"S", My Name is Sabrina, and I like...

There is this new theory I read about in the newest issue of Newsweek, about how there is a "name-letter preference". Scientists believe that you gravitate towards things, good or bad, that start with your initial. They used the example of Ken Griffey Jr having so many strike-outs "K's", apparently lots of baseball players with the name that starts with a K, have a higher strike-out rate. I don't know how true this is for me, let's see... I drive a Subaru, I like Spicy food at Sawatdee. One of my favorite cities is Sevilla, Spain and I like the store Sephora. WOW!!! Let's see how I do for bad things, I hate Snakes and driving in Snowstorms, I've had my purse Stolen 2 times, and I periodically have to get Stitches in my head. This is amazing! Of course what if your name was Xavier, I guess you must love Xylophones and maybe you break lots of bones, cause you have to get X-rays a lot!

Wait a minute, my blog's name is Superfluous. Amazing