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Oh Spring... Where art thou?

I think it's really cold outside today... I don't even want to check, because i think it is in the negatives... as in degrees! So here is a little taste of spring, to make us hopeful for all that is warm, cheery and bright.... Tulips! I saw these at the grocery store the other day and i couldn't resist! At least somewhere in the the world tulips are growing! Probably in Holland, those Dutch got it going on! (Right Diana!)

Tonight, I am going OUT! (so cold! brrrr) with my west side girls, Jaime & Shannon sans Cindy... (isnt that a song, East end boys and West side girls?) My cuz Kelly is going to join us and see how the H2oTown girls roll... The plan is the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker Art Center... I am a big fan of Frida, a bit bizarre yes, but colorful and deep also. Then we are hitting up my favorite pizza place Dulono's in my old Mpls neighborhood and then maybe a sip of Wondrous Punch at the Red Dragon... should be WONDROUS! Stay Warm!