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Hope you get a tick out of this one...

Sometimes when you stand in line at Target you have many last minute items to pick from: Gum, smut mags, Toblerone chocolates, hairbands, batteries, and even wood ticks. Yes, wood ticks.
Standing in line at Target today a lady said, "Excuse me, could you look at something? I think i have a tick on my neck." So she proceeds to life up her hair, and low and behold is a wood tick planted firmly in her neck. Poor lady looked like she was going to die. So I said, No worries and I asked the checkout gal for a paper towel and then I removed the tick from the lady's neck. She was grateful and began blubbering about how she hates ticks and she is even afraid to remove them from her dog... I was more impressed that she deemed me worthy of tick inspection\removal.
I live for moments like these, they sure do make life interesting.