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Farewell to Summer

The summer is un-officially over now. Once Labor Day hits, I feel that Summer is over. The weather may stay nice and it might feel like summer, but it's really back to business as usual. It turned out to be a really fun summer, which I didn't think was possible with an infant and a toddler. But we did a lot of fun things and kept our sanity. Win!

Here are a few Highlights of our summer...

Popsicles on the deckPiya's Birthday at the FairPlaydates with friendsTrips to the ParkEverett's first haircutJuly 4th Hotel Staycation with the VlachsMovie Wednesdays for KidsComo ZooMN Landscape ArboretumMN Children's MuseumAnnual Trip to MichiganBoat RidesPetting ZooSwimming in Hotel PoolsBeach funLunch at Cossetta's for PizzaSnuffy's Malt ShopA'Maze'N FarmyardPeppermint TwistLibraryPicnics with Grandma & Grandpa RobideauFun with Grandma & Grandpa Singer-TownsPonderosa (or as we call it Ponderrhea)Dance Parties For Labor Day we are visiting my parents at…