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Birthday Party Madness!

Happy Friday Friends!!! 
Party Party Party Party Party Party
As you can see I am in full PARTY mode! This Sunday we are celebrating Everett's first birthday! (his actual birthday is on Tuesday) I have been pretty busy getting together this DIY party, that I've had no time to blog... or visit my bloggy friends! I miss you all!  I'm making all the decorations and the food for the party, so I have been strategically planning my days out, so come Sunday I'm not running around like Chicken Little with her head cut off!  I can't wait to show you all I've done for E's special day. The party's theme is Greek Mythology! We thought about either a Superhero party or Greek Mythology. My husband knows EVERYTHING about both! I mean you ask him something about superhero comic books and he can tell you anything you want to know. (And yes he was at the Midnight showing of The Avengers last night). But he also loves Greek Mythology and I find it pretty fascinating too, so we…