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TWD~Coconut Butter Thins

First things first, Sorry for the hiatus... I've been awfully busy lately which has lead to little or no baking on my part.
Second of all, I do not like coconut, well in some things I do. But not shredded coconut. So these technically are NOT Coconut Butter Thins... They are Almond Butter Thins with a cute little chocolate chip on top. I took a long look at the recipe and said, Holy Jamole! This seems quite the process for some cookies. Lime zest, do not have, Shredded Coconut, Nish Nish! Macadamia Nuts? Do I look like my economy has been stimulated lately? But in my endeavor to be more resourceful and upbeat I decided to make my own version. I also was not too keen on the putting the dough in baggie and rolling it out and using a ruler and doing math. So i mixed everything up and then added a heaping handful of almonds to the dough. And a drop or two of Almond extract and oh yeah Curry powder. Well I added that to my flour. Why you ask? Well because I did not have ground coriander an…

A New Friend

I am back at work. It was really really hard to go back to work today. I usually have no problems going to work on a daily basis. I have grown to actually like my job. I mean it's by no means my dream job, but it's not stressful, I have great co-workers and the pay is pretty decent. And the best part is the breaks, including the whole month of July off!!!! So I can hardly complain.
But it was hard coming back today. I had such a great break! I saw so many friends old, new, newer... I kept thinking, how did I get so blessed? I spent a big chunk of time in Michigan visiting my dearest friend Rachel. I wish it didn't go by so fast! Thursday, I made lunch for a current co-worker and then had Thai food with a former coworker Michelle. There was lattes with Megan and Nori and then happy hour with Heather of the EO. And a great night at Ellen's and Sarah's house with some great people like Steve & Jeanelle and Kelly and Don. Saturday was a fun day with Shannon my sister fr…

Spring Stuff

Spring is here! And it's time to bust out the Spring\Easter Decor.
This is a current window into my table scape...

The Bestest.

I got back yesterday from spending a few lovely days with my best friend Rachel in Michigan. We have one of those friendships that no matter how much time passes, no matter what is going on in our lives, as soon as we are together it is like no time has passed at all. I hadn't seen Rachel since October of 2007! And in that time so many things have changed for both of us. But nothing changes between us. I spent a very relaxing time hanging out with Rachel and her two adorable boys. Rachel and I didn't go out a lot but the times just chilling on the couch talking and playing with her sons were perfect! I never care what we do when we are together, as long as we can laugh and reminisce about all our crazy adventures! We also got together with a long time friend of ours, Diana. It was great to see her and walk around Downtown Grand Rapids.
I especially loved the Amway and Marriott hotels. They were very chic! Hello ginormous chandeliers!

I miss Rachel already. I also miss snuggling wi…

Rubbing off on me...

So in my quest to be more crafty and less couch potatoey... My new favorite craft project is rub-on transfers.
You can find really awesome ones at Micheal's, although these are my favorite ones from Hambly. I will definitely be making something with these in the future. At Micheal's i found a 12 pack of these candle votives and alphabet rub-on transfers and made my initials.

Then i found this hunk of paper weight glass at a thrift store for 40 cents and I made this with a Fleur De Lis transfer and some scrapbook paper.

A very easy, inexpensive way to make pretty little things. I will be away from my blog on a much needed Spring Break. I am leaving Saturday to visit my BFF Rachel in Michigan! And I am giddy with anticipation... Have a great week and Happy Spring! Check out The Inspired Room for more beautiful ideas!

Sorry... No TWD today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am actually a wee bit Irish... Along with about 20 other nationalities. But I do have the Irish in me, but today so does everyone else too! It's an everybody holiday. I did not have time to make the Yogurt Cake. I wanted to, but i have been a little busy. And next week I will be in Michigan visiting my dear sweet friend Rachel. Although, I would love to make next week's TWD Blueberry Crumb Cake for her... so you may see something from me yet! Yesterday was almost 70 here! It was heavenly! Minnesota Spring can be so amazing! Snow is melting... soon i can start my lil' seedlings! I'm thinking a small veggie garden and of course plenty of cut flowers too! Have a beautiful green day! Off to have a Shamrock Shake from McDons.....

Old Time Photos

Have you heard of this photo generator site Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator? You can take a modern day photo and they convert it into a picture that looks as if it were taken a long time ago.
It's a Japanese site, but you can switch over the to the English version. I believe my cousin Kelly showed me this site awhile back... so mad props to her for always hooking me up with the latest world wide web specialness. I converted a lot of photos and these are some of my favorites:
In front of my house on closing dayMy best friend Rachel and her son SethSisters Erin & Kelly at the Bastille Day CelebrationThe late great Marius the Cat!

Spray Paint!

I have a new obsession. It's called Spray Paint. My cousin Kelly sent me a before and after link of a spray painted lamp. Wow! What a transformation! Game On... So along with spray paint, I go to thrift stores and find really UGLY stuff and give it a face lift. It's an inexpensive way to beautify your home without spending a lot of $$. I also try and shop at thrift stores that put money back into the community. That way it's a win win all around!

Take these really awful looking plastic faux wood (yes plastic wood!) candle holders.

With a little white matte spray paint they turn into this:

This mirror I decided was really cute, but it needed a pop of color.

So with some glossy hot pink spray paint, you get this:

Or for fun I found this bust of Napoleon, but he was in serious need of amakeover

And viola, this would make Josephine swoon...

FYI, the lamp base, I spray painted that one too. It was brass before, and that would never do.

Spray paint is life changing!


From. The. Past.
I no longer watch ER. I haven't watched it in years. But I used to. I watched it every Thursday night after Friends and a bunch of other shows i can no longer remember. So last night after 30-Rock I had the tv on in the back ground and ER was on. And then there they were, Carol Hatheway, Doug Ross, John Carter, and Peter Benton. I don't know why, but it made me happy to see those originals back. Mostly because it brought me back to a completely different time in my life. The last half of the 90's are where i spent my early 20's... Lots of memories. My life is so different now, or I am. Both. I had no idea what was happening on last nights episode, and I didn't really care... I just got pretty nostalgic seeing those old cast members float across the screen. And how cool that George Clooney isn't too Hollywood now to come back to his old stomping grounds. Nothing annoys me more when actors say, I just want to put that character behind me. Um hello, wi…

Swimming Pools and Movie Stars

My dream home is not your typical dream home. I'm not one for big McMansions. I like little charming cottages with lots of character. I don't need a lot, just a comfy little space to make all my own. But there is one thing I've always wanted in with a house... A SWIMMING POOL!

The typical response I get to my pool desire are these:
You think you would want one but you would never use it They are hard to maintain They are expensive
I get all those things... But something in my heart just leaps for joy whenever I see a swimming pool. It never fails. They take my breath away. I realize the cons of a pool, but my pros are so extensive. I love the water, even just to look at it. I love being in water, even just to float. This is meditation and relaxation for me. Someday I would like a pool. Someday.
And Now i have one more thing I would like in my dream home:
Built-In Beds!

They just so look so cozy and inviting! I could imagine myself curled up, reading a book and then falling fast as…

TWD~Lemon Cup Custard

I have missed the last two Tuesday With Dorie recipes. Although tonight, along with the lemon custard, I FINALLY made the Caramel Crunch Bars! YUM! So not to miss 3 weeks in a row of TWD, I went ahead and made the Lemon Custard. Now I really love lemon flavored anything so that was a bonus of making this recipe. But there were some detractors too... I'm not a big custard fan, mainly because I don't drink dairy products. So i cut the recipe in half and made just enough to taste it and not feel bad about not eating it all. I was very surprised at how lemony the milk got after letting it steep for awhile. What i didn't like was trying to whisk the eggs and strain the milk at the same time. And trying not to scald myself with hot milk. I am not that talented so let's just say I made a big ol' mess. I baked my custard in some pretty coffee mugs, waiting until they were just jiggly in the middle (like my thighs) and set it out to cool.
From what i tasted it had a nice lemon…

A desperate attempt at blogging...

I am wearing shoes right now that squash my bunions. Okay so i don't have bunions, but my brother does. Big gnarly ones. I asked my dad, Why does he have those huge bunions?
The response, He can't help it, he's special.
Special indeed. If I had a penny for every time the "He's special" card was played, I would not be wearing these cheapy shoes that pinch my fake bunions.

Do you see what I just did? I started a story with a subject, i.e. bunions and I wove a tale around it and brought it right back to the original subject.

Are you mesmerized?

So I was in Love with LOST last night... just because at the end when Jack, Hurley & (gasp) Kate got out of the van and were reunited with Sawyer, it made me tear up a little bit. I mean it has been 3 years since they've seen each other.
And you know that Sawyer, despite what he says, despite the fact that Juliet creeps me out a little bit, HE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH KATE.
Awww Freckles.


So I forgot to make last week's TWD recipe, Caramel Crunch Bars. I had much too much going on and it completely slipped my mind.
This week's recipe, Chocolate Armagnac Cake did not sound appealing to me at all. Or maybe it did and I just wasn't up to making it? Either way... I am taking another break this week. But I will be back next week making Lemon Cup Custard.
Although, I am excited to see how everyone's Chocolate Armagnac Cake turned out!
See you next week!

Longing for Spring

Over at The Inspired Room we were asked what are 20 things we are looking forward to this Spring.
Here are 20 things i am longing for this spring:

1. melting snow
2. green grass
3. wearing my pink galoshes
4. my tulips
5. budding of trees
6. spring break!
7. visiting my dear friend Rachel in Michigan
8. school year ending
9. going on walks
10 Easter
11. Easter candy! candbury eggs! mmmm
12. decorating with all my spring\Easter decor
13. opening my windows and letting the fresh air in
14. not wearing a jacket
15. No more socks! only sandals!
16. starting seeds for the garden
17. ice melting on the lakes
18. skirts and dresses
19. putting out my patio furniture
20. sunlight late into the evening!

Feel free to leave your own "Spring Longings"....