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December 2, 2007

Christmas Dreams under the tree...

One Meal; Twice as Nice

I just got back from seeing Lars and the Real Girl again. People, this is the real deal. It is funny and sad and enduring all at the same time. I would see this one again for sure. At the movie I ate popcorn and M&Ms and a cherry coke! Things I rarely do, because I don't really eat popcorn a whole lot, nor do I drink soda. But because it was December 2, and it was a good day... I treated myself. Sometimes you just need to relax and be kind to yourself, and indulge. All in moderation my dear, all in moderation. Before Lars, I showed Ellen a bit of Linden Hills. What a great time of year in LH, with the lights and the decorations. The only down side was that my camera died! So many good photo ops, and no way to take them. I even drove by my favorite house that has the best Christmas lights. They are over the top, but in a very beautifully simplistic way, if that is possible. I also had a chance to stop in and see my cousin Chad who was in town from Denver. We met at the Great Wa…