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The BlackBerry went BACKberry...

I gave it a shot, I was briefly addicted, I was uber-trendy for 15 seconds, life was sweet... but it's time to say goodbye to the BlackBerry or as Kelly so lovingly calls it: CrackBerry!
I really didn't need Internet and email on a phone. Lord knows I spend enough time on it all day at work. So I went for something a little sleeker, a lot slimmer and totally ROCKIN'; A Juke! Now I have downloaded all my favorite songs into this tiny phone. I love it.

This is a Plug, and I don't mean for your hair!

My brilliant cousin Kelly has the most delicious blog on the block. She is the queen of gourmet done fast and figure friendly! She has just recently broken her recipes down into neat little categories for a quick find. So let say you are looking for a delicious appetizer recipe, click on the appetizer link and it will take you to a world of delectable apps!
I would highly recommend you check out her blog! DO IT!