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Instagram Sunday

We are getting snow in Minnesota. This is no surprise, and it's nothing like what they are getting on the East Coast. But we're hardy snow people here, so we just deal with it.
Today was one of those snowy, stay inside days. Cuddling with my baby, reading, making brownies, dancing with my toddler, and thankful my husband does the snow shoveling.

Speaking of reading, I just finished Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. Did you read it? I thought it was disturbing and messed up. If there weren't so many twists, I would've stopped reading it from the start.
I did however read a book that I really enjoyed, If You Lived Here by Dana Sachs. I would highly recommend it! Fast read, emotional, yet touching. There was a part in it that I totally lost it and started balling like a baby.

And without further ado, here are my Instagram pics for the day.  You can find me on Instagram @superfluousblog