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Checking In...

Hey-O did ya miss me? I have just been maxin' & relaxin' this week with the family. Sometimes you just need a break from the blog world.
We really have been enjoying this time, hanging out and just laying low.  I was so excited to see Hunger Games and it did not dissapoint!! Did you see it? What did you think?
I also have been cooking up a storm and making freezer meals for the future, along with some yummy cinnamon rolls via The Pioneer Woman. (Although I cut waaay down on all the butter & sugar she says to use (yikes) I  made a huge batch of Enchiladas. Some for us and some for a friend who just had a baby. I stopped by to drop them off and her baby is so stinkin' cute. But I forget how tiny newborns are! Which is amazing that almost 11 months ago someone let us leave the hospital and bring home something that little for us to care for day and night!?! crazy!
Babies are everywhere! My blogger friend Valerie just had a sweet baby boy stop by and say congrats at B…