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The Personal Versatile Countertop Magician!

"Here's an idea for a Magic Bullet recipe: Blend together some garlic, gin, and stale cigarette ash, and you'll have a good idea of what it's like to French kiss Hazel." have been cleaning to get my place in tip top shape for the Magic Bullet party on Friday night. I'm trying to stay in the habit of keeping my place nice and tidy, because in the past I have majorly slacked! My ex boyfriend used to say "You need a maid!" No, I just needed to stop being so lazy! All I have left is the bathroom and taking out the garbage. SOrry this post is totally trivial...
Anyway if that wasn't trivial enough... Besides making all the foods shown in the MB infomerical, I will be making a delicious Thai Pizza and Peanut Butter Brownies! YuM! Saturday I will be leaving bright and early for a little trip up north... more details to come.

Sunday night I will be back in action with a full report of the weekend's fun a…