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Grandma (Grammy)

On Saturday February 13, my Grandmother Barbara passed away. It is so sad to think that she is no longer here, but i am relieved that she is pain free and with my Grandpa.I can't even begin to express what she means to our family, to me. My memories with her are always of laughter and fun times. I used to spend weeks with her and my Grandpa in the summer time, and they were the best weeks of the summer! I remember hours of playing double solitaire, long rose scented baths, collecting shells on the shores of their lake, watching made for tv movies, and grilled cheese with honey on top! My Grandma always took such good care of me, and of her whole family too. She was kind and nurturing and so fun to be around. I remember one time we drove her car without accelerating, just to see how far we could go without giving it gas. Those were the silly things we used to do when it was just me and her. My special bond with my Grandma always made me worry that I was going to lose her too soon.…