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Who was I visiting? IDK, my BFF Rachel!

Well I am now back, not really ready to be, but I am back nonetheless. I had the most wonderful time visiting Rachel. I headed out Thursday morning on my trek to Michigan. It has been almost 2 years since i've seen Rachel and in that time she went and had herself a baby! So of course when I made it to the airport, there was Rach holding her baby boy Seth and I started to cry. Tears of joy of course, and happiness... I have known Rach for so long and her desire to be a mother has been evident the first time i met her, and now here she is a wife and mother! My complete and utter happiness for her cannot be contained. We spent our time doing what we do best and that is just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I have great friends, but there is no one like Rach, where I can just show up and no matter how much time or distance has taken place, we start right where we left off, as if there was no lapse in time. We shared memories of our time in New Hampshire, including laughing …