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I have a confession... Although I know how to sew fairly decently, I don't like to sew. I get impatient and don't always take my time. Sewing calls for neat and strait lines, with very little room for error.
Which reminds me of the episode of the Cosby Show, where Denise insists on making a "designer" shirt for Theo. Hilarious!
Start it at minute 4:58 :)
Although I've never messed up as bad as Denise, I have had some mishaps myself. So much to my surprise, when I learned how to make ruffles, I was in lazy sewing paradise. I don't know why it took me so long to learn how to make ruffles, there is a very easy way to do it and it's basically setting your tension to the highest setting and away I went.
I've seen a million ruffle totes all over Pinterest and I really wanted to make one. So I went over the top crazy and made this ruffle color bomb!

It's a little intense and the ruffles are messy, but now I know how to make ruffles! And life just got a b…