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I know that it isn't technically summer yet, but since my husband is done with work for the school year... it's summer!!!!!

We've finished preschool for the year for Everett. And now we've started sports camp, t-ball, and soccer camp. Anything to keep our active boy moving. Deacon will be 2.5 next week and we are having a party for him. Complete with a pinata and cupcakes and pizza. The poor kid gets such a crappy birthday being so close to Christmas, so why not celebrate his life when it's warm and sunny?
Finnley is crawling and standing and eating every Cheeto he can find on the floor. He's such a smart little guy. I mean, seriously, I show him how to do something and then he copies it. And he's so cute and little, like super, 3% on the growth charts, little. I don't care... I think he's awesome.

We have a super fun summer full of lots of fun activities. Trying to stay sane with three really active boys. My husband asks me everyday when we are goi…