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I am a GIRL

As to now defend my feminine womanly awesomeness... I will no longer talk about sports. I rarely talk sports anyway. It's not at all how i used to be back in the day when i was ADDICTED to sports talk radio! KFAN morning, noon and night!!! And on top of that, I could tell you everything that was ever going on in the sports world, even sports i didn't like. It reached a point where it got so bad that I was having scores texted to me!! GIVE ME A BREAK! Guess what solved my problem: I bought a car that didnt have AM radio... NO AM=NO KFAN! That was years ago anyway.
So my ticket is booked for my friend Liz's wedding next week in San Antonio. I leave Valentine's night and therefore i get to share my love with strangers on a plane. I am so excited to see Liz and visit San Antonio, which i hear is a beautiful city. Alamo here I come! Which reminds me of a scene from Pee-Wee's Big adventure. The one where Pee-Wee goes to the Alamo to look for his bike. He says, "Excus…

Eli is the MANning!

I never said that I thought the Pats would win, I had a good hunch that it was going to be a either a close one or an upset by the Giants. I waged no bets, cause I knew something was brewing. I give credit to Eli though, if you can pull yourself out of almost being sacked by a bunch of Big Fat Beefy Linemen, then dude, you are the right Man(ning) for the job! (This is almost too easy.) All I have to say about yesterday's game is, both teams went out playing the slow and steady card. Had the Patriots went out and EXPLODED, they indeed would've been the winners. Slow and Steady does not always win the race... unless you are a Giant.