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Wedding Details and What's Up with Tom Hanks and Caviar?

I was just perusing one of my favorite websites Hostess With the Mostess, when i saw the idea of all ideas, one of the things I said I HAD to have at my wedding some day; A candy bar! Ok let me say that again, A Candy Buffet...
I wouldn't want you to think that i wanted a snickers bar at my wedding. No, what i mean is a Buffet of bulk candy for guests to nibble on throughout the evening. All my favorite candies and sugar plum fairies dancing with glee. I also want a photo booth. A must! I was just talking to someone who had one at their wedding. You could go in the booth, take pictures and it would print out 2 identical sheets. One to keep and one for the guest book. I love it!
I would also like lots of caviar. But I'm sure i would have to marry into the Russian Mafia for that, and we've already done that whole mafia wedding theme once in our family.
And in case you think i don't pay attention when i watch movies. (i don't). But I have noticed that in 2 of Tom Hank…

Hi Neighbor!

The time has come, you can all stand up and give me a big round of applause, for I have made an appointment with the devil dentist. I know, I know, it's long overdue... but i got this Welcome to the Neighborhood free x-ray and cleaning from a local dentist when i moved in. So I decided to take them up on their offer.
Here are a few other free things I received for moving into the neighborhood:

1. Bottle of Champagne
2. Pillow
3. 30 minute massage
4. Free dinner at local Mexican restaurant
5. Free pick up of my cat by the Humane Society if found wandering.

All for me! I love my new neighborhood! Welcome!