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The Four Factor

There is something about a group of 4 girls that just seem to work.

In elementary school I was part of a group of 4 girls, and we were called the Jean Jacket Girls. We ALWAYS wore our stone washed jean jackets. Always! In 5th\6th grade we ruled the school and we were the coolest girls around. I'm not even joking, we were cool (probably the only time in my life). We had sleepovers, wore the same clothes, we all were in gymnastics and we all made up dance routines to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Did I also mention that we all had perms, bad ones, and we wore pink frosted lip gloss everyday. Me, Rachel, April and Nissa... Something right out of a Judy Blume novel. Are you There God, It's me Margaret could have been us! The same with Little Women; Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg, that was the 1865 version of us. And then I guess the modern day version would be the ladies of Sex and The City.
I have lost touch with all but one of the Jean Jacket Girls, and now i have a new four-some group; Me, S…

Obsession #1

I am a lip gloss junkie. I just counted over 20 different lip glosses in my purse. I do not know why i am so crazy for the gloss but i am and i cant stop the addiction. One is never enough. It doesnt even matter the brand, I wear lip gloss from Chanel but I also wear lip gloss from Wet n' Wild too, there is no bias.
But do you want to know what is really strange? If i were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one cosmetic item you know what it would be?
You are thinking... lip gloss?
Sorry charlie, it would be Mascara.