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The Towering Ironic

My weekend, was very nice and relaxing. Going back to work and having to get up so early has made me tired, so I spent Friday night just chillin' on my couch, with some pizza and a margarita made with my Magic Bullet. Romeo + Juliet was on, the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes. I can't believe that movie came out over 10 years ago. I think I saw it in the theatre a few times too. It's funny to look back 10 years, and what was going on in my life, who I was dating and who my friends were, where I was living. And it's all changed. Watching that movie brought back a lot of memories, mostly really good ones of a far away time. Saturday I ventured out to my parent's makeshift trailer home for a visit. My mom has worked her decorating wonders and created a nice cozy home. We went out to dinner at our new favorite local diner, Sunni's Cafe in Howard Lake. For being a small town restaurant, they really make some very good food. I had the pecan cr…