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April Fool's! Of course I am not ending my blog. Life wouldn't be as fun! I'm not going anywhere. My blog goes when I goes. Though today one little girl at school got me real good. She came up to me and said (in the saddest most sincere way possible), "I'm really sorry but my house burnt down this weekend, and we lost everything. And I had a couple of books checked out and they were lost too!" Did I believed her? Of course I did, I said, "Oh you poor thing!" April Fool's on me!

End of an Era

Oh the great world of blogging. Do you know that this June will be 1 full year of blogging my heart out! Its been fun and interesting. And i have totally connected with people over this silly little superfluous blog. But the more i look back and the more i think about it. Im kinda feeling like I am coming to the end of my blog self. Some days it just seems more of a hassle to think of something to write about. And I am realizing how out there I am putting myself! Do people really need to know my inner most soul and my most appalling secrets? Plus i fear it is just starting to sound all the same. Like all good athletes know, go out when you are on top. I have loved connecting with all my faithful readers! Thanks for your support and kind words. It has been a fun journey! This is the end my friends, this is the end.