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A Very Good Weekend

I was excited to finally get to the weekend. The past week had been long with it being the last week of school and packing up the library, i was ready to have a whole weekend for fun.
I am happy with the way my weekend went, busy, fun, productive and relaxing. Friday night Jaime, Cindy and Shannon came over to see the house and have a girl's night. Cindy had been in Europe the past few weeks, so we were all very happy to have her back. She even brought us Belgium chocolates and a beautiful flower basket for my house. We kicked back in the backyard, listening to Mraz, drinking margaritas and playing "Bad" Badminton. Even Marius crashed girl's night and wanted to be a part of the action.
Nothing changes with the 4 of us, we always laugh and we always start up right where we left off. We crashed early because we are now old and got up early because we are dorks. Saturday i spent the day weeding (Kelly i need you!) and planting some annual seeds. I ended up planting, Sunfl…